Udug Hul Texts

Udug Hul texts: The texts you see here were adapted from the most viable of the texts found in “Forerunners to Udug Hul” by Geller. This book is an outdated translation of only the Udug Hul texts written by the Sumerians. It is full of holes and broken texts on how to deal with demons from a Sumerian point of view.

A viable text is one that has enough meat on it to adapt. We’re not going to copy the entire book for our audience. That wouldn’t be fare to Mr. Geller. That means that we need to pick out just the best ones.

1 (1) Geller’s translations are in bold. (2) Paragraphs are each numbered. (3) Line numbers are in parenthesis.
1 Adapted text is in standard type. Paragraph numbers should roughly line up with the translations.
* Commentary is in green and Italics. This is a place for annotation of the texts as they are translated.
(1) After each text containing a large number of names a list of demons and gods is present along with a rough description of who they are.