Magic & Exorcism

Ghosts, demons, magic and misfortune

Ghosts and demons basic information: The first and most important thing to remember about the spirits and creatures of the middle east is that no general type of creature is all good or all evil. Just like people and animals, they are individualistic.

Galla: underworld bailiff. Manifestations of the underworld itself.

Mashkimu: Underworld inspector.

Gidim: Encroaching darkness, hungry ghost. The Gidim could possess the living by entering through the ear.

Udug: The Udug demon is a generalized demon. Udug seems to be a generalized word for demon. Asag, Galla, and many other demons can be grouped under this term.

Asag: Griffin like desert demon. The Asag is a man with wings and often a birds head.

Lilitu: Owl like wind demon known for killing infants and mothers.

Dim-Shap: Bear like monster.