Additional Gods

Imdugud: Son of Anu this lion headed bird began as a storm god, and later drifted down to be considered a demon, and then a class of demons. Most Imdugud birds are female and carvings of them were placed over doorways to protect the home. Imdugud himself plays prominently in a myth where he obtains the tablet of destiny from Enki for a short time.

Dumuzi: Once a human king, Dumuzi was adopted as a god and quickly came to prominence. He married Inanna, and his wedding is recognized in the sacred marriage ceremony where the physical incarnation of Dumuzi (the king) would symbolically wed Inanna in the form of the high priestess.

Ningilin/ Ninkilim: She was the goddess of magic and mongooses. She could help protect against snakebites and her wisdom allowed her to avoid getting bitten in the first place. Worship of her was important to farmers who wished to prevent rodents from eating crops.

Ninkasi: She is a grain goddess she is more important as the patron goddess of beer. Specifically red beer sacred to the Sumerians.

Nisaba or Nidaba: She is a grain goddess, and the patron goddess of writing. It was her job to keep a record of the deeds of mankind in a book that became permanent every New Year. This custom is still observed today in the Jewish New Year festival.