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Temple of Sumer is a collective group comprised of members from around the world including Sumerian Studies scholars, Assyriologists, independent researchers, Sumerian Reconstructionists, Mesopotamian Pagans, as well as those inspired by Sumerian religion, writers, and artists to name but a few. Our purpose is to explore and revive the religion, culture, philosophy, and history of the Sumerian people, their contemporaries, and the cultures they inspired over the course of history.

Sumerian Oracle Deck

An oracle deck based on Mesopotamian Mythology. The Sumerian Oracle deck is a card divination system (Cartomancy) with some similarities to Tarot. It is based on the Sumerian / Mesopotamian gods and spirits and the culture surrounding them. The art is inspired by ancient texts, cylinder seals, ancient stele, and other ancient art with as much ancient iconography and symbolism as possible.


These are translations from the Oxford collection. They don’t have all of the myths that are available, but they do have most of the most common myths. As with other Oxford Sumerian materials it is fantastic until sex is mentioned. (It should be pointed out that the Oxford Egyptology department doesn’t seem to have this problem)

Sumerian Lexicon version 3.0 by Hallorian

This document translates Sumerian into English. It isn’t useful if you want to write or say anything in Sumerian, but it is useful if you want to understand a word or if you want to know what something is associated with. It is amazingly useful to me, but wouldn’t have been if I were just starting out.


“The intersection of magick and art”
Jewellery inspired by the Sumerian gods, the Goetia, and occultism. handmade in NYC.

Vanessa’s Domain

This is the website of this archive’s maintainer. It has a section dedicated to the Sumerian religion.