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(73) Enuru Incantation
1 (74) I am the incantation priest, the high priest of Enki. (75) I am the purification priest of Eridu, (76) […] I am the incantation priest.

1 I am the high priest of Enki. I know his sacred incantations. I perform purification rites for Enki’s city of Eridu. I am superbly qualified for the task that is before me.

A strong opening. The doctor puts the patient at ease and frightens the demons at the same time.

2 (77) In my going to the sick man’s house (78) In my pressing on the door of the house (79) As I call out to him at the gate (80) When I would cross the threshold of the house, (81) When I would enter the house […] (82) Utu is before me, Nanna is behind me, (83) Nergal is at my right side, (84) and Ninurta is at my left side.

2 Going past the door of the house brings me into another place. Simply opening the door and walking through would put a normal man at risk of the forces within. When I cross the threshold however, I walk with the god Utu in front of me and Nanna, his father, behind me. My way is therefore divinely lit and the actions of the demons are controlled. To my right is Nergal, and to my left is Ninurta. Both are powerful warriors who have the force needed to command even the most powerful of demons.

It is interesting that these four are here. Utu, Nanna, and Nergal have strong underworld associations. Nergal is a master of demons of disease ammong others, and Ninurta has been shown to fight against demons in the myths.

3 (85) As I would approach the patient, as I would prop up the sick man’s head (86) may the good Udug and good Lamma stand at my side.

To aid me in my actions I request the assistance of a good demon and a good Lamma spirit. Stand with me at my side and assist me if you would.

Something you do not really see in a lot of modern magic, but that was present in the ancient world is politeness to demons that you are asking the assistance of. It is bad form to command the aid of forces you are dependent of the good will of.

It is also interesting to note that the demons aid is requested while the aid of the gods is stated as fact. Since the aid of the spirits is politely requested and the presence of the gods is simply noted with pride it might be inferred that this exorcist is experienced in his work and has a close relationship with the gods.

(87) Gap 12 lines restored but not translated
(88) Be adjured by heaven and earth.
(89) Incantation

List of demons and gods

(1) Lama -Good: This is a spirit that is usually depicted as being helpful.
(2) Nanna: The moon god. The MALE moon god. He is father of the Sun god who is also male. He is romantic with his wife and protective of the people of Sumer. That being said, he would later serve as the inspiration for Mohammed’s Allah.
(3) Nergal: Governor of the Underworld. Husband to Ereshkigal, queen of the underworld. God of war, and plague. Associated with lions, and popular well outside of Sumer in the ancient world.
(4) Ninurta: Ninurta is a warrior storm god. He wields the deified sword Sharur. He was one of the most important gods in Sumer. If there were an eighth god who decreed fate, then it would be him.
(5) Udug -Good: This simply means good demon. Good is perhaps not the proper term. Helpful would be more accurate.
(6) Utu: He is the sun god and also a governor of the underworld. He is the god of law and justice. Nanna is his father, and Inanna is his sister.